Visit from municipality of Västervik

Today, representatives of the municipality of Västervik visited Ankarsrum Electric Motors. This was the first visit from the municipality since the pandemic started in 2020.  Our CEO Carl Sigfridsson presented our successful journey, accomplishments and learning points from the start in May 2020 to the current status of activities, our vision and planning ahead. We had a most fruitful subsequent discussion with emphasis on how to cooperate for attracting more young talents to the local Västervik manufacturing industry. We continued to discuss the UN sustainable goals and what AEM is undertaking to honour these. In conjunction with this discussion, Ulf Kullin, responsible for trade and business at Västervik municipality, suggested the tag line “Produced in a democracy” to illustrate our work with sustainability. We all thought this was great and ingenious marketing. After that the AEM plant manager Simon Danielsson performed a plant tour and presented our products, the armature-assembly lines and our new recycling centre.

Appearing in the picture from the left are Ulf Kullin (trade and business manager Västervik), Thomas Ericsson (CEO Västervik Framåt), Carl Sigfridsson (CEO AEM), Simon Danielsson (COO AEM), Dan Nilsson (Chairman (S)), Harald Hjalmarsson (Vice Chairman (M)), Fredrik Lindwall (Vice Chairman (C)) and Anders Björlin (Municipality Director).

Many thanks for a most fruitful visit and welcome back again!