AEM shaded pole motor – SP 3016

A few months ago, Ankarsrum Electric Motors received a request from a Swedish manufacturer of wood pellet heating systems. The company inquired for a small electric motor solution for driving a fume extraction fan.

Based on the customer specification, the AEM R&D team developed a shaded pole motor referred to as SP 3016.

A shaded pole motor is a type of single-phase induction motor that is commonly used in low-power applications. It is simple in design, reliable, and relatively inexpensive to produce.

The stator of a shaded pole motor consists of a laminated iron core with salient poles.

Each pole has a slot in it, within which a copper ring (known as the shading coil or shading band) is embedded. This shading coil is what gives the motor its name.

The rotor is usually a squirrel-cage type, which is made up of a cylindrical laminated core with conductive bars embedded in it. These bars are connected at both ends by rings, forming a cage-like structure.

Shaded pole motors are used in a variety of applications where low power and low starting torque are acceptable. Common applications are small fans, blowers and household appliances.

AEM is happy to add a new customer and another new motor type along with the existing universal, DC and BLDC motor solutions.