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Waste management

Hello Simon, you’ve been working with the next step of our recycling program. What are we seeing in front of us? These are our new sorting stations which we have put out in all of our coffee rooms. The intent is to sort and recycle all of our staff related waste just as we do […]


As a leading supplier of electric motors for use in wire feeders in the premium segment, we can look back on a long history and an excellent product portfolio. For some time now, we have been noticing a growing demand for a motor that can also be used in the entry-level segment of welding equipment. […]

The story of Ankarsrum (part 4)- what happened in the beginning of 20th century….

At the binning of the 20th century, Sven Spånberg took over “Bruket” as managing director and the largest shareholder. He took office in the middle of a general strike with a subsequent lockout in 1909. It would take many years before the relationship between the union and the management thawed and eventually got back on […]