Waste management

Hello Simon, you’ve been working with the next step of our recycling program. What are we seeing in front of us?

These are our new sorting stations which we have put out in all of our coffee rooms. The intent is to sort and recycle all of our staff related waste just as we do with the operational waste.


It looks pretty nice, what is the thinking behind?

It should be easy to use, so we’ve labelled everything clearly and used large bins. We have the same sorting system everywhere so that the staff get familiar with it and won’t have to walk long to get to the right bins. We’ve also put up large poster with information of how to sort in case there are some tricky materials. In short, we’ve now provided the opportunity for our staff to contribute to a better environment just as they do at home.


How does this fit into the overall recycling program that we launched this year?

Up until now we’ve focused on the operational waste, creating more sorting opportunities, bringing the recycling central closer to where the waste is created, and creating better suited containers. This is the next step where we focus on the staff related waste instead.


Is this the final step?

No, for sure not, when it comes to environment there will never be a final step.