Alex Oskarsdottir, Västervik

You are a newly graduated engineer, where and what did you study?

I studied at the University of Gävle and graduated with a bachelor of sciense in mechanical engineering.


You will also go through the trainee program through Sydsvenska Handelskammaren, what advantages do you see with that?

Since this is a completely new industry for me, I see it as an opportunity to network but also to development. The trainee-program gives me an opportunity to get a headstart as a new engineer.


Alex, you are now in your second week since started working with us. How does it feel so far?

It has been two very exciting weeks where I have focused on learning the products and getting to know my new colleagues. I have felt welcome from day one and am really looking forward to growing into my role as a development engineer.


You and your family moved to Västervik this summer. What attracted you here?

My partner has reletives in Småland and I myself have always lived on the coast, so Västervik with its beautiful archipelago and its coastal life became the natural choice. It also feels like a great place for our daughter to grow up.


We are very happy to have you as our new colleague, and are really looking forward to following your development with us.