Making work safer

Interview with Gottfrid Wilénsjö, our newest member of the technical team


Tell us about the latest project you were involved in, were you had to start, develop, and complete.


It started as an improvement proposal from our production team. They used a manual press for the work which they had to pull down many times per day. They of course had concerns regarding the ergonomics. We investigated different solutions to the problem and came out with two different suggestions that could work. We decided that a press with a sled was the best together with the operators. I developed the control system, and my college Stefan Samuelsson built all the mechanical parts. Now that the press is CE-marked and works well, and production staff has got a much more ergonomic place to work.


It’s now been a year since you started working here at AEM. You came directly from school, how has it been?


It’s been good and the year has just flown by. I’ve got the chance to taking on big responsibilities which has really helped me develop. I take every chance I get to work with and learn from the colleagues who have years of experience working here. That is the best way of learning.


Have you been included in many new projects? What has been most interesting and educational?


I quickly got to be involved in and improved already ongoing projects. For example, the robotization of our magnetization. We replaced a workstation with monotonous work and ergonomic concerns with a robot. Now that we have that robot up and running it is one minor point for our production team to worry about.


Is there anything special you’re look forward to at AEM this fall?


Yes! We have a big project that is going to be completed later this year, our new multi-rotor line. We are a large group that will be traveling to the manufacturers in a few weeks’ time, to get education, test, and approve the line. It will be installed here later this autumn and will make the production safer and more efficient for our team.