Crayfish party

Ankarsrum Electric Motors has had the usual crayfish party where many people were involved in creating a successful party – fishing, cooking, setting the table, quiz, song book and music! And almost everyone could join the party. Also – not to forget, the cleaning afterwards.

An old tradition in Sweden is the Crayfish part “Kräftskivan”. It is held in late summer or early autumn. The party itself is preceded by the fishing – cages are set out and are emptied late night and early morning. Fish pieces are usually used as bait. Dog food, which according to some should also work, was not successful for us. The result was just over 200 crayfish and was plenty for our party.

The actual cooking of crayfish is made according to personal recipes. At Ankarsrum, Susanne is responsible, and it was tasty as usual!

The crayfish are often served with pie, bread, beer and schnapps. Of course, schnapps songs were sung. It turned out not to be our best part, but it was fun. After the meal, there was a lot of mingle and dancing.

In the evening, people went home after a very nice party!