Interview with Annette Gullquist, production planner at AEM

You have worked with the company for many years, when and where did you start?

I started in 1978, at the Electrolux factory in Västervik. The company looked different then and had several facilities in the Västervik area. My first job was to make armatures for vacuum cleaner motors. In 1982 a moved to the Överum plant where I did a variety of assembly work, for example stators for dishwashers. I came to the Ankarsrum factory in 1992 making parts for chain saws. I also spent many years working with DC motors.


Your current job is as production planner, which you have had for 13 years. What do you like best with the role?

It is a changing job which I really like. I get to be in contact with both suppliers and customers and have a close cooperation with all departments at AEM. There are always small issues that needs to be solved, and it is fun helping to solve them.


You were one of the ones that got employed directly at the restart of the company. How did you experience that time and what do you think of the future for electric motor production?

It was a very much to do, but everyone worked very hard and with a positive spirit. We all wanted to go in the same direction, forward. It was great teamwork, and everyone worked where needed the most. It was e good experience to have had and I learned very much. We’ve managed to keep all customers and the orderbook has been almost full form the restart and onwards, so I’m convinced that the business will continue to run in a good way. I also look forward to new, exciting motor models in the future.


What do you do on your spare time, when you’re not at work?

I spend a lot of time with my seven grandchildren, and of course with my friends. I like being outdoors and I do a lot of walking. The best part of the year is the summer, I like the sun, the warmth and being able to go for a swim. So, right now I’m looking forward to lighter days.