Ny agent på AEM


Max Fischer, Germany

  1. Max, you are now an agent for us at AEM in Germany and around. How come you got that opportunity?

Answer: I am very driven by sustainability and the vision of a world “full of quality”, where products are made to last and not to be shredded or wasted after use. When I was researching for companies focusing on enduring and quality products, I noticed Ankarsrum and reached out immediately. When we had the first talks about long-lasting motors and appliances, which are designed to endure instead of wearing out early, I felt a similar mindset and set of values. We discussed different options of cooperation and after some more talks, we decided and agreed to team up and bring the motors of Ankarsrum to even more customers. It was just a match of values, which sometimes happens coincidentally.

My clear goal with Ankarsrum is to help set up a sustainable way not just of producing but to sell and use electric motors.


  1. What challenges do you see with your assignment?

Answer: As we are a small team, we need to work closely and help each other. I am glad to have this opportunity, to help not just in the sales department, but wherever help is needed. Gladly the Ankarsrum employees are very positive and open people, so it is easy to connect and work together.

My focus will be to find the right customers, which share the values of long-lasting quality and sustainability. Doing so, I am very confident, that we are heading in the right direction, towards a manufacturer of sustainable electric motors.


  1. Finally, you can tell us a little about yourself and what you have done in your professional life?

Answer: My professional and academic life has always been driven by curiosity. I started studying philosophy because I enjoyed arguing and loved the way philosophers could argue for different viewpoints, which they may not agree with. During my Philosophy studies, I also studied economics, which was great for understanding political and societal topics. After all, I decided to be an industrial engineer, to combine my curiosity for technical solutions and a deep understanding of economic interrelationships. After university, I started at voxeljet, a leading 3D printing company, where I wanted to learn more about the very fast-changing and advancing world of 3D printing. Within my sales role, I pushed printing technology into the very traditional casting industry. Inspiring customers and employees for technology and at the same time never disregarding economic efficiency was my main task here, which filled me with a lot of joy. Working together with different customers, different people is what makes the sales role so appealing to me.                                                                                               I am very happy to be part of Ankarsrum and look forward to the future with great joy.

We wish you Max welcome to us at Ankarsrum Electric Motors AB.