Ankarsrum Electric Motors had a visit from IUC Kalmar with Helena Tinnert and Aina Landvik. Carl Sigfridsson and Sara Nilsson were hosts.

The reason was the “Klivet” (the Leap) Industrial project, which helps companies change to a sustainable future. Since Ankarsrum Electric Motor’s vision is “AEM strives to be the industry’s most sustainable manufacturer of electric drive systems.”, it fits well. Klivet consists of both a digital platform and a classic game board that help us integrate sustainable development into our business strategy.

IUC wants us to be inspired to #taklivet with a focus on new opportunities with the resources that already exist. During the journey, Ankarsrum Electric Motors will make a current situation analysis, be given the opportunity to gather the entire team, gain knowledge about the UN’s global goals for sustainable development, prioritize our work, set SMART goals, create an action plan, follow up, and communicate the work done.

Let the game begin for a better future!