Interview Simon Danielsson


Simon Danielsson, Västervik

  1. You formally take over as factory manager at the turn of the year, how do you feel about your new role?

It will be both fun and exciting. I look forward to helping develop both employees and the organization.

The company is doing very well and is in an expansive stage, which means that working methods and processes will need to be changed, adapted, and improved, and I hope that my experience can help.

  2. You started at AEM after the summer as technical manager, how has your first time been?

It has been very fun and educational.

There is a lot you need to learn and understand when you start at a new workplace. Work processes, culture, products, organization and above all getting to know all employees.

Personally, I think it has exceeded expectations and I have gotten well into both the work and the gang.

But it would not have gone as well at all if I had not received such good support from all the fantastic colleagues.

4. What is your basic background / education and what did you work as before you came to us?

Basically I am a Master of Science in Engineering, but I have also studied a lot of economics and law, so on the theoretical level I am quite broad.

I come closest from 3M in Västervik (old SlipNaxos) which is an old classic industry just like Ankarsrum.

There I have had many different roles, but most recently I was production manager.

Before I started at 3M, I worked in several different roles, primarily in the software and defense industry in the Linköping region.

5. What fun challenges and projects do you see in the future for the company?

The company aims to invest heavily in both automation of existing processes and home-made component manufacturing.

So, the organization will be much more knowledge-intensive and to succeed with that, we will have to work a lot with the development of all employees, which I think is very fun and rewarding.

Personally, I will work hard to improve the visual control and data-driven decision-making that I believe are keys to being able to grow effectively.

We all welcome you to us at AEM.