Interview Gabriel Uggla

Gabriel Uggla, Stockholm

  1. What problems did you have that led you to look for us at AEM, and how did you find us?

Answer: An important gear for my garage door had broken into small pieces. The garage door was of an old folding model that is no longer manufactured. A modern gate could not be installed without moving the sunroof and steps. “My” electrician then suggested that I contact AEM.


  1. How did you experience the process we started to find a solution to your problems?

Answer: Very positive. AEM saw it as an exciting challenge to help me and to do so at a reasonable cost. I was also very kindly received.


  1. Our talented LIA intern Jannis was the one who was commissioned to try to create a gear for you using 3D. He succeeded, and we now call it the Uggla method. How do you think it works?

Answer: The old folding gate works as if it were the new one and I have avoided large costs of rebuilding the garage and installing a new gate.


  1. Finally, is there anything else you would like to add, regarding the handling of your case?

Answer: The competence and kindness that I met means that on occasion I would like to visit and thank you personally.


We at Ankarsrum Electric Motors are happy that we were able to help you.