The story of Ankarsrum (part 2)- what happened then….

In 1752, the young Peter Christopher Bauman, later Cederbaum became lord of the Ankarsrum-Helgerums domain.

He managed a lot during his lifetime.

Here´s a selection.

  • Built Herrgården in Ankarsrum in 1780, which is currently inhabited and a nice element in Ankarsrum´s buildings.
  • A rolling and cutting plant, which became the beginning of manufacturing, not just bar iron.
  • The big item was nails, but also band-iron for hooping of barrels for wine in Portugal and Spain.

During this century, the area around ”Bruket” developed a lot. Many roads were built and improved, which made transport easier, a floating bridge at Anvedebo was built, the new one was completed in 1932, which is a landmark for Ankarsrum.