Recycling, part of our core business

In our quest to improve the environment, Ankarsrum Electric Motors has now created a state-of-the-art waste station. We sort and recycle and get data on everything so that we can see exactly how much we improve year after year.

Here are some words from Per Blom who is responsible for logistics who has done a wonderful job with the help of the colleagues.


  1. What was the plan when we implemented this change?

Answer: Previously, we were several companies that shared the recycling. Now we only handle our own part and get full control of our recycling. When it comes to logistics, we have placed recycling central so that we have much shorter distances to drive, which saves us important time.


  1. How did the work go and who did we get help from?

Answer: We set up a meeting with Stena Recycling, who had many good ideas and suggestions. They also helped us manage the recycling and provided all recycling bins and containers.


  1. It is a major step that has been taken purely environmentally and completely in line with our goal of a climate-neutral business. What are the other benefits?

Answer: We sort in a completely different way now and thus have many more opportunities to separate our waste, which is important and good for the environment. However, this is only the first step, and we will continue to develop our recycling in the future.