The story of Ankarsrum (part 4)- what happened in the beginning of 20th century….

At the binning of the 20th century, Sven Spånberg took over “Bruket” as managing director and the largest shareholder. He took office in the middle of a general strike with a subsequent lockout in 1909. It would take many years before the relationship between the union and the management thawed and eventually got back on […]

The story of Ankarsrum (part 2)- what happened then….

In 1752, the young Peter Christopher Bauman, later Cederbaum became lord of the Ankarsrum-Helgerums domain. He managed a lot during his lifetime. Here´s a selection. Built Herrgården in Ankarsrum in 1780, which is currently inhabited and a nice element in Ankarsrum´s buildings. A rolling and cutting plant, which became the beginning of manufacturing, not just […]

A sustainable success story

Mats Nilsson from the small provincial community of Åtvidaberg in Sweden has an old portable sawmill at his farm. Last fall, one of the feeder motors broke down and stopped working. He contacted the supplier of the sawmill, but they did not have a replacement motor available. They offered a replacement of the entire feeder, […]