Crayfish party

Ankarsrum Electric Motors has had the usual crayfish party where many people were involved in creating a successful party – fishing, cooking, setting the table, quiz, song book and music! And almost everyone could join the party. Also – not to forget, the cleaning afterwards. An old tradition in Sweden is the Crayfish part “Kräftskivan”. […]

Additivt Teknikcenter

Ankarsrum visited Additivt Teknikcenter i Hultsfred to learn more about what can be done with additive manufacturing commonly known as 3D-printing. Additivt Teknikcentrum is the regions leading knowledge hub in this broad field of cutting edge technology. We got a very good reception and connected very well with the Hultsfred team. We will surely work […]

Project Brushless DC motors

Our Brushless DC motors* development project is taking big steps forward. Our ambitious production technician Gottfrid Wilensjö visits our supplier of production equipment for Brushless DC motors. Here he learns how the winding machines work for the different stator variants. Things are also happening on the development side. Prototypes are now made of several types […]

Region Kalmar visiting Ankarsrum Electric Motors

Thomas Tiger, Sanna Pettersson, Johanna Larsson and Christina Johansson representing Region Kalmar County paid a visit to AEM on June 28. AEM has received financial support from Region Kalmar which has been instrumental for executing various product- and process development projects. Carl Sigfridsson was hosting the visit and made a company presentation and factory tour. […]

Supplier CVT

“Welcome to one of Ankarsrum Electric Motors’ suppliers. The worm wheel assys to Ankarsrum Electric Motors’ PM 4228-motors are sourced from CVT Capellmann GmbH & Co. KG in Germany. CVT Capellmann has sourced armature shafts and worm wheel assys to Ankarsrum during many years and the technical and commercial cooperation are both strong.

IUC #taklivet part 2

Again, Helena Tinnert and Aina Landvik has visited Ankarsrum Electric Motors on the journey #taklivet. This is all about becoming the most SUSTAINABLE motor manufacturer. The word sustainability is not at all only about environment but all of UN´s global goals. For more information check Overcoming the World’s Challenges – The Global Goals Ankarsrum have […]