Lucia from Ankarsrum school visits Ankarsrum Electric Motors.

According to tradition, we are visited by Lucia accompanied by Lucia maids, “star boys” and Santa’s elves.

They illuminate the darkest day of the year, which in the Julian calendar fell on December 13.

When we switched to the Gregorian calendar in the 18th century, the date of the winter solstice was moved to December 22 but we have kept December 13 as Lucia Day.

Lucian night is, according to folk belief, a dangerous night with supernatural powers at play, among other things animals could speak.

It was best to stay indoors and preferably not to sleep all night – ”Lussevaka”.

Nowadays, it is mainly preschool and school children who have Lucia performances with Lucia songs, staffan songs and Christmas carols for teary-eyed (!) parents, associations or companies.

Lucia buns “lussekatt” with saffron, gingerbread and “glögg” – mulled wine are other suitable attributes.

All the staff thank the pupils from Ankarsrum school!