Ankarsrum brothers meet at Ambiente

Today we attended the Ambiente exhibition in Frankfurt. Our biggest customer Ankarsrum Kitchen exhibited the world famous standmixer Assistent. The Assistent is powered by the AEM 1.5 kW  KS 4250 universal motor. We also supply all the cabling and transmission parts. This is the best stand mixer. Congratulations to Ankarsrum Kitchen for a great stand […]

Interview with Annette Gullquist, production planner at AEM

You have worked with the company for many years, when and where did you start? I started in 1978, at the Electrolux factory in Västervik. The company looked different then and had several facilities in the Västervik area. My first job was to make armatures for vacuum cleaner motors. In 1982 a moved to the […]

New Armature Line

We’re almost there. The Italian team from BBS and our team from Ankarsrum have been working intensely for three weeks to start up the new line. All armature families are tested, but some tuning and minor fixes remain. Our Italian friends are leaving us today but will come back in a few weeks for the […]

Welcome Dan

Dan Augustini, welcome to AEM, or maybe should say welcome back. You’ve actually worked here at the company before, even if it’s 15 years ago. On February 1, you will take up your new position with us as Sales & Marketing Manager. Can you tell us a little about yourself, and what journey in working […]

Рождественское поздравление

Time flies. Ankarsrum Electric Motors is soon to finalise another challenging but most successful 2022. On behalf of all our skilled, dedicated and hard working staff members at Ankarsrum Electric Motors to all of you. May the closeness of your loved ones, family, and friends fill your heart with joy. Merry Christmas and a Happy […]